Map and navigation fix on certain phones

New version 1.5.13, released 12 February 2010 fix the compass and map screens on some phones.


Road Navigation - as regular Locify service

So far we have just compass navigation in Locify - simple arrow with direct course and distance to the target. Today a new service for Locify was introduced - Road Navigation. It can be used for navigation in a car for example. And the best thing is that Road Navigation is just standard XHTML service - users don't need to update application in their phones.

With Road Navigation, you can:
  • calculate route between two locations
  • display it on map
  • show only crossroads with textual hints
  • save the route for later
You can add this service in Locify by pressing:
Options->Add->Service From List->Road Navigation

Author of this service is an advanced user with nick "ufaak". He just combined existing web APIs and created this service very easily. If you are interested in creating your own XHTML service targeting almost all Java phones, read developer documentation.

We Are on The OVI Store

Locify has found the way to OVI Store (as a free download, of course) and it looks very promising - in one day more than 500 downloads. Thanks Nokia!

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Detailed topographic maps - based on Locify

Main map provider for Central Europe - Planstudio - goes on the market with Smartmaps Online: detailed topographics maps with cycling and turistic routes, POIs and more. This product is built on Locify, slightly customized, rebranded and added support for billing.

Users can access maps for Czech Republic for now (all zooms) and they can use free trial. In the first phase online access will be launched and within 1 month the possibility to buy and download maps for offline usage will be introduced. You can try SmartMaps Online here.

Thanks to Locify Smartmaps can be shipped in very short time and significantly lower costs. If you are interested in customizing Locify for your company, read more here.

Compare 2 screenshots of the same location (first Smartmaps, second OSM, GMap is more elementary than OSM).

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Locify 2.0 Sneak Peak!

Next milestone in development of Locify? I have to say - of course. Do you want a change? Or change something by your own? So you don't like our beautiful orange?!

We are working hard on complete visual change of Locify. Locify will be based on great framework LWUIT which will bring better looking design and improved performance. New version will be simply skinable, with improved screens and some new functions, of course. Just look at very very early screenshots.

So you will be able to create complete Navigation screen - with just XML file. And you want navigate and see map during it? No problem ... :). Actually you can change all these skins in real-time, so use different navigation screens during cache hunt, bicycle or car race :).

How can you support us? There is a few things ... firstly, there is section in forum dedicated to color side of new version. Try it . Secondly, what you are missing in actual version? Try it again.

We hope, you'll welcome all these changes. So keep us Fists ;).

GPX support, map caching and more in Locify 1.5.5

We are working hard to give you new features and improve existing. Today we are releasing new version 1.5.5.

  • Reading GPX files
  • Caching online maps, now you can download them just once!
  • Support for Google Aerial Maps
If you are already using Locify, it's time to upgrade. If not, you should definitely give Locify a try!

Most wanted feature: Permanent backlight in Locify 1.5.2

We always like to hear feedback from you - users of Locify. We always react to all support requests and we are also trying to hear to feature requests. Possibility of turning backlight permanently on was requested several times. It is really handy for example while driving. Issue was discussed at this thread at our Google Group and then implemented in Locify 1.5.2, which has been released today. If you have your own idea for nice Locify feature, don't be afraid to post it to this section of Locify Forum.

Locify 1.5.2 has also several nice features like map items management or nicer maps graphics.

Download Locify 1.5.2 now
See full changelog