Release It!

So we decided to release. In fact we had it in our scrum sprint so we have to. We awaited that something memorable will happen - like rain of fishes or so (do you know Red Dwarf?). But life goes on as usual. And thas's fine.

What you can expect? In fact the basic functionality even without some of the features we already have done (nearly). The concept is out. It works and is has bugs - as other sofware and webservice. And we ask for feedback. Since now we have another mantra: make it better.

Something missing? Yes, sure. A lot of things will come soon. Maps, navigate-to, routes, offline support, ... We will polish them and give them to you asap. Regardless please, drop us a mail what you think, miss and want. Thanks!

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This blog is about mobile phone localization and GPS, development in j2me and all other corresponding stuff, such as geotagging etc.