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Things are speeding up a little bit - so this short summary:
  • xhtml internal browser from version 0.6: thanks to J2ME Polish and their support, we are continually exploring new possibilities
  • sample service Twitter: The Zero and Destil became fans of Twitter and especially Twitter for Locify and we're still improving the service. It is well documented so you can get inspiration!
  • location sending can run continually: since v0.62 - developers can now save your route on their server! Read more.
  • download Locify with your services preinstalled: anybody can add download link to Locify mobile application with specified preloaded applications so if you develop service for Locify, you can offer link to Locify which will contain the link to your service. More in this post.

What we want to do in one month

  • offline support: waypoints and routes can be stored on the client and then synced to the server and vice versa
  • navigation screen: you will be able to display navigation arrow and other data to navigate to a waypoint - sent by the (maybe your) service or stored on the client
  • favorite places: you don't have to take GPS device everywhere you go - you can use favorite places saved on the client to specify your location or location you are interested in

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This blog is about mobile phone localization and GPS, development in j2me and all other corresponding stuff, such as geotagging etc.