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Twitter menuAlong with release of new client we created new services, which are designed to show how to get maximum (for the time being) from our client on your mobile phone.

I hope there's no need to introduce Twitter: It's a mini-blogging tool which allows you to post updates to your profile and watch what others are writing. There are also many other cool features, most notably its API, which is heavily used by many other applications, for example Twittervision.

Our new service enables you not only to post updates along with your current location (see my profile on Twittervision), but also show your profile and check what others are writing, show their profiles and more.

How to start?

First of all, you new to download Locify. You can do it from the linked page or you can point your phone to

If you choose default download, Twitter service should be preinstalled as a installation link, just open it and confirm its installation. If you can't see Twitter icon, choose Options -> Actions -> Add item -> Add service and choose Twitter from the list (check out other services as well, they're great ;-))

The rest of the show is pretty much intuitive - just select what you would like to do. For some actions your username and password for Twitter will be required. Don't worry, it's safe with us (see our privacy policy). You don't have to sign in before you do anything else, Locify will ask you for your credentials when its required.

Here I am

There are many other mobile clients. So why use Locify? The answer is simple: GPS. If you have GPS enabled mobile phone or even external GPS device, Locify can connect to it and get current coordinates. This way you can post Twitter updates with your location if you like. Twitter for Locify also generates lower network bandwith, because every request is handled by our service server and only displayed data are sent to client.

If you don't know how to use GPS device with Locify, have a look at our help.

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  1. Blogger dadc said...

    You can see the video - Twitter on Locify. Here and select Twitter from the playlist.

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