0.7.1 is out: Windows Mobile Support

We released new Locify client update 0.7.1. Now Locify runs on Windows Mobile, too! See changelog or download.

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Wikipedia Service: Your new tourist guide

It's been a while since we announced any progress. But that doesn't mean anything less than we were really busy creating new features and enhancements to both Locify client and web.

And the time has come to present new Locify service: Wikipedia nearest articles.


Well, you all have seen Google Maps with Wikipedia icon overlay. It's just cool to see the map, click on the icon and read the article. Now you can do something similar with your phone: Open service, fill in GPS coordinates (from your phone, GPS device or manually)

Our service is one way even more advanced than Google Maps - you can set up your preferred language in service settings. Then articles are shown firstly in your preffered language and secondly in english.

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Geocaching gets Locified

New kid on the (services) block: geocaching is on the Locify now! With all geocaching features you can expect: listing of nearest caches, navigation to the cache, downloading full listing or decrypting hints as main ones. You can even save caches on your phone and hunt for them in the terrain without the need for data connection. If you are not geomuggle maybe it is worth of give it a try!

And if you are geochacher and geocoder, you can review and download the code behind and enhance or use it on your server. Read more about geocaching service implementation with full PHP code.

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Version 0.7 - More Than Just Enhancement

It's been a while since we announced any progress. But that doesn't mean anything less than we were really busy working on new version. And it was worth it!

Offline support

Locations can now be stored on the client without the need of communication with the server. You can sync them to the server all at once. And the synchronization runs in both directions of course. Add interesting points online and then sync your phone and you will have them on the client. Simple and nice.

(We use standards, so the waypoints are saved and synced as kml files)


When you have stored point or online service has sent you a location, you can navigate to this point. The arrow will show you direction to the treasure :-). This feature is used for example in our new geocaching service.

(Do not expect street navigation - for now)

Use without GPS

We've often heard: I do not have GPS and I don't know how to use it. Now you have not! OK, Locify will not tell you where you are now exactly, if you do not have gps. But it will let you simply EXPRESS where you are (or express place you are interested in). Are you at home, work, favorite restaurant or gym? If you have saved this place (or many others) online and synced it to your phone, you can easily tell to any service in Locify where you are or what place are you interested in. Saying "I am at home" or querying "whats up near my weeekend house" was never easier.
(You can use it for example in our new Wikipedia service)

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