Geocaching gets Locified

New kid on the (services) block: geocaching is on the Locify now! With all geocaching features you can expect: listing of nearest caches, navigation to the cache, downloading full listing or decrypting hints as main ones. You can even save caches on your phone and hunt for them in the terrain without the need for data connection. If you are not geomuggle maybe it is worth of give it a try!

And if you are geochacher and geocoder, you can review and download the code behind and enhance or use it on your server. Read more about geocaching service implementation with full PHP code.

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  1. Blogger Evert Mulder said...

    I saw the code, and it is using screen scraping to get the content. This is allowed if you get approval from groundspeak. I don't think they will allow this, because this could hurt there paid option: pocket query.

    It's realy a shame there is no public (free) API available.


    5. Access and Interference
    ... You agree that you will not use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Site for any purpose without our express written permission.


  2. Blogger dadc said...

    to Evert: I totally agree that it is shame there is no public (free or commercial) API. You are right.

    We thought that when we do nothing like spidering, caching, ... that means that request to the GC site is allways initiated by the user - so it can be ok. What is the difference to the using their page with baner blocker or from text based lynx browser.

    It seems that the Groundspeak does not think so. So currently we are reviewing their mail and considering the possibilities. We are considering usage of their wap version - completelly not modified but enhanced with automatic fill in of the coordinates and understanding the cache coordinates - to be usable for the geocacher in Locify. This should be - according to the commns sense - fair.

    I am surprised how GS try to avoid by all means (in some cases irrelevant and without basement in laws) to deliver better exprience to their users - especially non commercial.

  3. Blogger Evert Mulder said...

    Yes, GS really has to open up a little.
    Perhaps you can use the Google eath KLM feature of GS to get to the caches near a location, but the user has to copy/paste in his unique key to get it to work[user-key].

    Good luck with your project!

  4. Blogger sp2ong said...

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