Locify In Your Language with 0.7.2

Today we have released a new version of Locify client - 0.7.2. The biggest enhancement is a support for other languages than English. So far we support English, Czech and Slovenian language.

We have prepared a way to help us translate Locify into your language or help us improve current translations - read more.

Good news for Sony-Ericsson users as well! Now we support Sony-Ericsson HGE-100 - a headphones with built-in GPS - read more.

See 0.7.2 changelog


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  1. Blogger sp2ong said...

    We have translate messages to polish language and we have send to you. I hope next relase Locify will be with polish language :-)

  2. Blogger beecher said...

    When I open Help and some item from the list of topics, the back button returns me to homescreen instead of back to that list. Could it corrected? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    beecher: What Locify version do you have? In 0.7.2 it works - from help item back command returns to menu list.
    Also it's better to talk about bugs etc. in our Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/locify

  4. Blogger beecher said...

    Yes, Ido have 0.7.2.
    Anyway, I works now (not sure what happened). Well, anyway I'm going to report other bugs to that Google Group.


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