Locify 0.8: Now you never get lost

Screenshot0083Today we released a new version of Locify. It's a major release we have been looking forward to. Brand new version brings enhancements to current client and adds great new features. Here are the most notable or them:

Maps support

Almost everyone who tried previous versions of Locify tried our "Show my location" service, which allows you to display a map at selected coordinates. Now we bring you full-feature maps with zoom, sliding and even tracking your position. Locify supports Google maps, Yahoo maps (both road and satellite), Open Street Map and Microsoft Live Maps Road, Aerial and Hybrid.

New ways of setting your location

Screenshot0072 GPS still remains a great way to get your location, however not everyone has a GPS unit. For these users we changed the way to set your location: You can still use GPS, but you can also use a saved point, enter coordinates manually and use geocoding to get your location.

This means that you can enter your current address (eg. Trafalgar Square, London) and your coordinates will be accordingly set.

Nokia Landmarks

Nokia users can now send points saved in Locify to Nokia Landmarks. Afterwards it is possible to view these points in Nokia Maps and navigate to them.

Download Locify and see the changelog.



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