Make your service nicer with new <locify:where />

There is a new possibility for developers in Locify 0.9. Now you don't have to display a form with latitude and longitude to user - because most user doesn't undestand what latitude and longitude is about at all. You can use new locify tag in your form.

It's a visual element which will show the user his current location and allows him to change it. But location will be presented in user friendly format - his current address, name of selected place, "Valid GPS position" etc. 

You can also get location type with variables and for example react when user does not have his location from GPS. 

Read more and see code examples in documentation.

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Interface evolution with Locify 0.9

We have a Christmas present for you - new Locify client with brand new user interface. Accessing cool Locify functions was never easier! You can save places, record routes, viewing content on maps with just with a few clicks. 

There are also other nice features:
  • new navigation screen
  • altitude graphs in route recording
  • autoinstall of services at first start
  • see full changelog

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Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 - Locify among nominees!

We are still in a battle for Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 - among 5 nominees under our category (Lifestyle Choice).

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Nominate Locify for The Crunchies 2008 award

Web awards can't feed us but, well, can make us happy. And if you are happy, why not to make us happy and nominate Locify to the The Crunchies 2008?

Thanks a lot!

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Winner of Best Locified is...GeoMail!

There has been a developer challenge for all Locify developers during the month November. That month is over and here are the results:
Winner is Karel Necas, student of CTU FEE (contact)

We have slightly modified the prizes of Best Locified - but for the good of the winner!

Winner will get:
  • Mobile phone Motorola Z8
  • Unique Locify T-Shirt
  • His service will be preinstalled in Locify by default
  • Free support and cooperation
Now to the winning service - GeoMail:
This service allows user to send an e-mail with user's location directly from mobile phone. When using GPS, it's possible to track the user very precisely, for example when user is in some kind of trouble. E-mail will come in handy form - message and links to online maps (Google Maps and

How it looks like in the phone:

And how the e-mail looks like:

Locify services can be so easy - as this example shows. Everything was done by couple of PHP scripts and XHTML pages. Do you have idea for your service? You can check out our documentation.

Locify gets academical

We think that students are wonderful developers of locified web pages - they have a time, interest and they like to play with new technologies. That's why we decided to introduce our project at couple of universities. We gained a lot of excitement, feedback and even some new service developers.

Our seminars took place:
  • 14 October at CTU FEE - subject Principles of Mobile Application Creation
  • 5 November at CTU FCE - subject Advanced Geodesy
  • 20 November at CU FS - subject Spatial Data Distribution
You can download slides for presentation here (PPT, czech).

If you want to have a presentation at your university or school, just contact us. We are doing these presentations for free.