Make your service nicer with new <locify:where />

There is a new possibility for developers in Locify 0.9. Now you don't have to display a form with latitude and longitude to user - because most user doesn't undestand what latitude and longitude is about at all. You can use new locify tag in your form.

It's a visual element which will show the user his current location and allows him to change it. But location will be presented in user friendly format - his current address, name of selected place, "Valid GPS position" etc. 

You can also get location type with variables and for example react when user does not have his location from GPS. 

Read more and see code examples in documentation.

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  1. Blogger andrew said...

    i have htc touch hd when i downloaded the program to my m/c.
    it is not working correctly.
    the map is not ok.
    the things show in screen not correctly.

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