New year - new steps?

Like many people, we also add new determination to new year. And what's that? To be more connected to people that support us.

Locify in rounded version 1.0 is comming very quickly and with that, we will introduce very important feature mainly for developers (which? surprise). But what for "common" users? YOU. The best what we can do, is let you select. So don't worry and write down a simple post, what you want to improve, new feature that you realy need and for example, which nonsence you really don't want ;).

Here is short list fo inspiration:
  • Custom symbols for map items
  • Sky-plot (satellite position on hemi-shere)
  • New service ... which?
  • Improved Record route screen, ex. sport function
  • Possibility to show own maps from SD card
  • etc ...
We will enjoy your post ... thx

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