New year - new steps?

Like many people, we also add new determination to new year. And what's that? To be more connected to people that support us.

Locify in rounded version 1.0 is comming very quickly and with that, we will introduce very important feature mainly for developers (which? surprise). But what for "common" users? YOU. The best what we can do, is let you select. So don't worry and write down a simple post, what you want to improve, new feature that you realy need and for example, which nonsence you really don't want ;).

Here is short list fo inspiration:
  • Custom symbols for map items
  • Sky-plot (satellite position on hemi-shere)
  • New service ... which?
  • Improved Record route screen, ex. sport function
  • Possibility to show own maps from SD card
  • etc ...
We will enjoy your post ... thx

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  1. Blogger misch said...

    Speed! It is definitely my most wanted feature. Locify is very interesting application, but it is by far the SLOWEST of all I have on my phone. All of Java games can react to buttons immediately, but when I press anything in Locify, it waits a second or two, and then it shows desired screen.

    And second nice feature would be GPS status screen with satellites.

  2. Blogger misch said...

    Third wish: sun position on compass/arrow page, so as one can properly "align" himself/herself without having to walk some distance and wait for GPS compass.

  3. Blogger misch said...

    (eg. something similar to
    It is not my idea, it belongs to ATom (see discussion at, but Magellan GPSrs had this feature and it was VERY useful, because one did not have to always calibrate compass ...

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    thanks for your extensive feedback!

    To speed - please note that Locify works like HTML browser - some screens are loaded from web and it's takes some time. But we know that our application is slower also elsewhere. We have been working on great memory and speed optimizations while browsing maps and being connected to GPS. You can try it out in out alpha version.

    To the compass and satellites feature - it could be handy, but it's not our priority. We are working on more important (from our point of view) features like TrekBuddy compatible offline maps. Howewer, Locify will soon go open-source and if you want to help, you can implement such feature there.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Misch: Your proposal inspired us and you can enyoy new satellite screen in 1.0!
    There has been also lot of speed optimizations.

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