Share your location with friends with GeoSMS!

Ever wanted to send someone message and describe exactly WHERE you are? Are you lost in the woods and need help? Are you at great party and want to invite friends? Or do you just need to describe place for a business meeting?

Now with Locify 1.5, it's possible to use new service GeoSMS. It allows you to select friend from your phonebook, type a message and send it. Your friend receives a text message and at the end will be a small location link. When he clicks the link, phone's web browser will open and he will see a map of your current location. So your friend doesn't need to have Locify, GPS etc. Just a simple phone with some kind of internet connection is enough.

So how to add GeoSMS into Locify 1.5?
At the Home screen, hit "Options->Add->Service From List" and pick up "GeoSMS".

Location links are built using free service It's a great new site for creating short location links. It has lot of features like sharing your location on twitter, facebook, downloading location in various formats. If you access the location link in a mobile browser, the page will adapt to your small screen and offers new possibilities (like opening place in Nokia Maps). You should definately give it a try!

How does it look like:

Introducing offline maps in Locify 1.5!

We are proud to announce a very useful feature in Locify - offline maps. Now you can put map files on your memory card and use maps even when you are not online, for example in the nature. We support various map formats, the easiest way to use offline maps is to find some in TrekBuddy format. Read more about it.

Locify 1.5 has also more interesting features like improved design and speed. For developers there are new options like playing sounds, vibrating, accessing phone's contacts and more.

Do you want to taste new Locify? Try it without installing to your cell phone right now in your browser!