Locify 2.0 Sneak Peak!

Next milestone in development of Locify? I have to say - of course. Do you want a change? Or change something by your own? So you don't like our beautiful orange?!

We are working hard on complete visual change of Locify. Locify will be based on great framework LWUIT which will bring better looking design and improved performance. New version will be simply skinable, with improved screens and some new functions, of course. Just look at very very early screenshots.

So you will be able to create complete Navigation screen - with just XML file. And you want navigate and see map during it? No problem ... :). Actually you can change all these skins in real-time, so use different navigation screens during cache hunt, bicycle or car race :).

How can you support us? There is a few things ... firstly, there is section in forum dedicated to color side of new version. Try it . Secondly, what you are missing in actual version? Try it again.

We hope, you'll welcome all these changes. So keep us Fists ;).