Detailed topographic maps - based on Locify

Main map provider for Central Europe - Planstudio - goes on the market with Smartmaps Online: detailed topographics maps with cycling and turistic routes, POIs and more. This product is built on Locify, slightly customized, rebranded and added support for billing.

Users can access maps for Czech Republic for now (all zooms) and they can use free trial. In the first phase online access will be launched and within 1 month the possibility to buy and download maps for offline usage will be introduced. You can try SmartMaps Online here.

Thanks to Locify Smartmaps can be shipped in very short time and significantly lower costs. If you are interested in customizing Locify for your company, read more here.

Compare 2 screenshots of the same location (first Smartmaps, second OSM, GMap is more elementary than OSM).

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