Road Navigation - as regular Locify service

So far we have just compass navigation in Locify - simple arrow with direct course and distance to the target. Today a new service for Locify was introduced - Road Navigation. It can be used for navigation in a car for example. And the best thing is that Road Navigation is just standard XHTML service - users don't need to update application in their phones.

With Road Navigation, you can:
  • calculate route between two locations
  • display it on map
  • show only crossroads with textual hints
  • save the route for later
You can add this service in Locify by pressing:
Options->Add->Service From List->Road Navigation

Author of this service is an advanced user with nick "ufaak". He just combined existing web APIs and created this service very easily. If you are interested in creating your own XHTML service targeting almost all Java phones, read developer documentation.


  1. Blogger OK4RM said...

    Is Locify still alive? The last news on this site is from September 2009. One of Locify services has not been running for three days and nobody answered e-mail...

  2. Blogger dadc said...

    Yes, still alive. Road Navigation is 3rd party service - it is not maintained by Locify and therefore we cannot do anything about it (except sending mail to the developer). Sorry for this. Maybe you can post this to (our user google group).

  3. Blogger dadc said...

    note from developer:
    remove service and then add from new url (in service list is now OK)

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